Christmas in the City

Christmas in the City

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Christmas in Manhattan is like something out of a dream.  This past weekend my friends and I decided to take a walk along Fifth Ave to see the tree at Rockefeller Center and the window decorations at department stores.  If you’ve never been to New York during Christmas time you absolutely need to go this year.  The city is filled with Christmas spirit, from the Salvation Army fundraisers on every corner dancing to Christmas music to the Christmas decorations throughout each district.

After seeing the decorations in Midtown, my friends and I decided to go downtown to Washington Square Park to see the tree under the arch.  Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that the tree wasn’t lit up yet (that was a bummer).  However, I was still able to take some nice shots of the tree under the arch.  Surprisingly, I’ve never seen the tree at Washington Square Park before so this was definitely a fun experience for me.  The park looked beautiful at night and seeing the tree under the arch was awesome.

Overall, seeing the Christmas decorations in Manhattan really put me in the Christmas spirit.  Thankfully, only 19 more days to go until everyone’s favorite holiday!  Be sure to subscribe to my blog for more updates on all things lifestyle, beauty, and fashion related!  Happy holidays!



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