My Favorite Winter Fashion Trends

My Favorite Winter Fashion Trends

Winter clothes have always been my favorite because they’re so cozy, comfortable, and I love the look of layering.  Along with freezing temperatures and lots of snow, this winter has also brought many new trends that I’ve been loving.  Today, I’m sharing with you my top five favorite winter fashion trends!

  1. Over the knee boots – Just a few days ago I decided to hop on the over the knee boots trend and I have to say I’m very glad I did.  I picked up this pair of black velvet boots from DSW.  I absolutely love the look of these boots and they’re surprisingly comfortable.
  2. Street style – Lately I’ve been obsessed with wearing my adidas sneakers with more laid back clothes.  On the very rare days that it’s not absolutely freezing, I ditch the heavy boots and grab my sneakers instead.  Aside from being very trendy, what drew me towards these adidas sneakers is that they’re so comfortable.  If you decide to pick up a pair for yourself, however, they run a size small so keep that in mind if you online order!
  3. Oversized sweaters – I think every girl has an oversized sweater in their closet.  They’re great to dress up or down and they keep you warm.  My favorite oversized sweater this winter is without a doubt this one from Urban Outfitters.  I originally bought it in mauve and ended up loving it so much that I bought it in white too.  Usually, I wear a small but this sweater was a little too oversized for me so I ended up getting an extra small.
  4. Ripped black jeans – A pair of black jeans are definitely an essential in every girl’s closet.  I love this BDG because they aren’t too ripped up and they’re very comfortable.  I’m usually not one to wear ripped jeans, but I really like how this pair just has slits at the knees.
  5. Ponchos – What I love about ponchos is that they’re a nice twist on your everyday sweater.  Not only are they warm, but they looks great on.  My navy blue poncho is from Loft.  I recently picked it up in the city and ever since then it has been one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe.

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