Cape May

Cape May


Happy Friday!  Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite shots from my recent trip to Cape May, New Jersey.  My entire life I have always spent my summers down in Cape May.  The quaint beach town, nestled at the bottom tip of New Jersey, is nothing short of perfect.  What I love most about this vacation spot is the unique look it has.  Cape May strays away from the typical cape style beach houses and instead features “Gingerbread” style victorian homes.  All the exteriors are under strict code so that homeowners cannot change the infamous streets of Cape May.

One of my favorite spots in Cape May is Sunset Beach.  This beach is located on the bay side of the point.  While it isn’t a spot that I’d go to during the day to relax and tan, it’s the perfect evening photo-op spot.  Sunset Beach is actually one of the only spots on the east coast that you can see the sun set solely over water.  In order to properly kick off the vacation, my friends and I headed over to Sunset Beach.  Luckily, the sunset that night was absolutely stunning.

Another must-see spot in Cape May is the Washington Mall.  The Washington Mall is the perfect place for shopping and dining in Cape May.  It’s filled with tons of local stores that have very cute Cape May themed gifts.  One of my favorite places in the Washington Mall is Uncle Charlie’s Ice Cream.  This homemade ice cream shop is located at the end of the mall and is always jam packed with people.  Another great spot is the Fudge Kitchen.  Instead of actually buying fudge, my friends and I always walk by and grab a free fudge sample (my personal favorite is the vanilla nut fudge).

That’s all for today’s post!  Be sure to subscribe to my blog to see where I’ll be spending this fall semester!  I have a ton of exciting trips planned and I can’t wait to share it with you all!




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