When In Rome

When In Rome


I’ve finally arrived in Italy!  This week I will be posting a lot of content so make sure to subscribe to my blog and instagram @jessmiele for updates on new posts.  I’ve been in Italy for a little over a week now, however I have been traveling throughout the country.  Yesterday, I finally moved into my apartment in…Florence!  I am so excited to be living in this beautiful city for the next four months with some of my best friends.  The first time I came to Florence was just one year ago for a few days and I knew I wanted to study abroad here but I never thought I’d be back so soon.

As I said, this past week I have been traveling throughout Italy.  I spent one week taking a cultural introduction class so I could learn how to fully immerse myself into Italian culture. The first stop of the class was, of course, Roma!  We spent two days in this beautiful city which may seem short but it was just enough time to see everything.  Our first day in Rome was spent touring the ancient landmarks of the city.  I highly recommend doing a walking tour of the city in one day so you can get acquainted with the locations of all the major landmarks.  The first place we went to was the Spanish Steps.  At the top of the steps is an amazing view of Rome.  Next we walked over to the Pantheon which was absolutely breathtaking.  The Pantheon is located in a beautiful square surrounded by very old buildings.  When we went, there was a guitarist playing live music that echoed everywhere.  After a quick lunch, we had a guided tour of the Colosseum.  When I came here a year ago I of course saw the outside of the Colosseum, but I didn’t go inside.  The inside of the Colosseum is absolutely amazing.  Though most of it has deteriorated with time, the Colosseum still shows its original roots.  After our tour, I headed over to the Trevi fountain with my friends to have my Lizzie  McGuire moment.  One of my favorite places to gelato in Italy is a store called Venchi.  Luckily, there was a Venchi right around the corner from the Trevi fountain so we stopped in for a quick snack.

Our second day in Rome was spent in the Vatican City.  We toured St. Peter’s Basilica and walked around the outside of the Vatican.  Unfortunately we were a little crunched on time because we had to travel to our next destination that afternoon so we did not go into the Sistine Chapel.  Walking through St. Peter’s truly takes your breath away.  The walls and ceilings are covered with beautiful mosaics.  Touring St. Peter’s was definitely one of my favorite things we did in Rome.  I recommend getting to the Vatican first thing in the morning so you can try to avoid the huge crowds of people.

That’s everything I did in Rome!  Only spending two days in this beautiful city felt like not enough time at first, but I realized it was actually the perfect amount of time to see everything.  I will be putting out a lot of content this week so make sure to follow my social media and subscribe with your email for updates!




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    September 10, 2017 / 10:15 pm

    Sounds like you are off to a great start! Enjoy@

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