Tuscan Wine Tasting

Tuscan Wine Tasting


What could be more Italian than attending a wine tasting in Tuscany?!  Recently, I had the chance to visit the beautiful winery Caccia Al Piano 1868.  I received a full tour of the winery and was shown how they make and store their wine.  If there’s one thing that you should know about me, it’s that nothing makes me happier than good food and good wine.  I love being able to go out to beautiful dinners and sitting down for a long time and fully appreciating a meal.  So when I learned that I was going to be visiting this winery with some of my best friends I was ecstatic.  If you are spending time in Tuscany, you absolutely must go to a wine tasting.  In my opinion, it should be illegal not to do so.  I know when I look back at my four months here this will be one of my favorite moments.

Out of all of the outfits I wore during my first week of travel, this is definitely my favorite.  Of course, I needed a cute outfit to match the aesthetic of the winery.  So, I wore my mossy green off the shoulder dress from Anthropologie.  This dress may look familiar because I did feature it in my Summer Style blog post.  This dress is very soft and lightweight which made it ideal for the hot Tuscan weather.  Since I knew I was going to be walking around a lot that day, I decided to keep my shoes on the more practical side and opt for my Birkenstocks.  If you know me, chances are you have only ever seen me wear Birkenstocks.  When I am not out shooting a blog post or somewhere that I need to dress up a little more, I am without a doubt wearing Birkenstocks.  I personally think they are very stylish (no, they are not Jesus sandals) and they’re also extremely comfortable.  The arches in both of my feet are abnormally high, so walking around in flat shoes hurts my feet.  I purchased my first pair of Birkenstocks a few years ago with the intention of wearing them as walking around shoes so I would protect my feet.  However, I quickly discovered that my practical purchase was actually very trendy.  My current obsession right now is neck scares (as you will see in my next blog post!).  In my opinion, they look very European and can transform any outfit.  I currently have two neck scarves: red and gold.  However, I fully intend on buying a thousand other colors.  My favorite place to get neck scarves is Madewell.  They have a huge selection of colors and they are all the perfect length for your neck, hair, or even for your bag!  I decided to go for a more fall transition color scheme for this outfit so I paired my dress with my gold neck scarf.  To finish off the look, I threw my hair in a low bun (mainly because I had no curling iron to style my hair with haha!) and added my favorite Erika Ray Bans.

After walking around the winery, my group and I sat down for the wine tasting.  Our first wine was a very light Pino, which was definitely my favorite of the five we tried.  I personally prefer white wine over red (don’t get me wrong, I do love a nice glass of red wine with a steak, but white is my go-to).  To go with the wine, we were served a selection of cheeses, pears, and a apricot dip.  Since this winery mainly produces red wine, the next four wines we tasted were red.  To go along with the red wine, they served us a selection of different meats, bruschetta, and sautéed yellow peppers and tomatoes.  The whole experience was filled with great conversations, laughing, eating, and, of course, many many cheers.  Being able to celebrate wine in the heart of Tuscany was truly an incredible experience (and what made it even better was the fact that I was getting college credit for it too!).  I can’t say enough how grateful I am that Caccia Al Piano 1868 opened their doors to my friends and I and shared there love for wine with us.

That’s all for today’s post!  In just a few short days I will be leaving Florence for the weekend and heading to two different countries.  While I mainly consider myself a fashion and lifestyle writer, I will be sharing a lot of travel posts during this semester.  I hope to share with you all my travel experience, including places I saw, where I stayed, foot I ate, etc.  Make sure to subscribe to my blog with your email and follow my instagram account @jessmiele for updates!


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