Chambray Pants and Neck Ties

Chambray Pants and Neck Ties


Happy Thursday!  Today I am leaving Florence and traveling to two different countries this weekend with four of my friends!  I am so excited to share with you all my experience this weekend!  These photos were shot during my first week of travel and I loved them so much I just had to share them with you all.  On this day, I traveled to two different Italian villages: Viareggio (a coastal Tuscan village) and Pietrasanta.  Both towns were absolutely beautiful but very different.  Viareggio is a coastal Tuscan town and a major tourist spot due to its beautiful beach.  Pietrasanta is a tiny village nestled near the marble quarries and was once home to Michelangelo himself!

This day was mainly filled with walking.  Since it was a little chilly outside, I opted for pants over shorts.  I purchased these chambray pants last summer from J. Crew and I constantly find myself reaching for them.  They’re so easy to dress up or down and are very lightweight.  I can wear them on days where it’s cloudy and 60 degrees, or days when it’s sunny and 80 degrees.  I paired these pants with a white tube top from Brandy Melville.  Tube tops are definitely a summer essential for me.  They’re perfect for those days when the sun is beaming down and you want to stay as cool as possible.  To add a bit of color to this look, I added my current favorite accessory: neckties!  As I mentioned in my Tuscan Wine Tasting post, Madewell neckties are my favorite accessory.  They’re so versatile and make any outfit look super trendy.  During my week of travel, I pretty much only wore my Birkenstocks. They’re my go-to walking shoe because of how they mold to the shape of your foot.  Unfortunately, mine are very very worn in because I literally wear them every single day.  In these pictures, they’re a little extra dirty because I did spend the morning wandering around the marble quarries of Pietrasanta.  The backpack I am carrying in this post will be featured quite a bit this semester.  This is the Transport Rucksack in English Saddle.  I purchased this backpack right before I left because I wanted something trendy but also practical for class and touring different cities.  As much as I love my Madewell Transport tote, I had to leave it behind in America because it is very impractical for Europe (no zipper!).  So, the only two bags I brought with me are this backpack and my Fossil cross body bag since they both close.

That’s all for today’s outfit of the day!  Be sure to subscribe with your email and follow me on instragram @jessmiele to keep up with my travels!  I’ll talk to you all when I get back!




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