Prague, Czech Republic: Travel Diary

Prague, Czech Republic: Travel Diary


I have always been told that walking through Prague is like walking through a fairytale land.  After visiting the city, I couldn’t think of a more accurate description of it.  Prague is filled with unique buildings that and castles that all have the same magical aura to them.  Around every single corner is a beautiful cobblestone street that still holds the same charm it did the day it was built.  Though I was only able to spend two days in Prague, I feel as though I was able to see the whole city and dive into their unique culture.  Everyone in Prague welcomes you with open arms and wants you to experience their way of life and love everything they love.

My first day in Prague was spent touring the city.  I began my tour at the hostel I was staying at, Czech Inn.  I highly recommend staying at this hostel/hotel.  It is fully updating, comes with complimentary wifi service, and is very clean and safe.  This was my first time staying in a hostel and I couldn’t be happier with the experience.  It is also conveniently located on the 22 train line which makes it very easy to get to the main tourist attractions in the city.  One of my favorite parts of Prague was Old Town Square.  The square is very large and completely open.  It is bordered by buildings that resemble something from a dream.  Since it is such an important part of the city, Old Town Square is filled with vendors, tourists, locals, amazing restaurants, and great shops.  The area is constantly lively and its also great spot for photos.

Since my first day in Prague was spent on only one side of the Vltava River, I ventured off to the other side on my second day.  Of course, I had to cross over on the Charles Bridge and walk down along the water to get a good shot of the infamous bridge.  My favorite part of this side of Prague was definitely the John Lennon Wall.  The wall was first started in the 1980s by a group of students as an anti-communism campaign.  Inspired by the peaceful preachings of John Lennon, this wall was covered in graffiti art all with the same theme of peace.  When the communist reign in Prague ended, the wall was painted white and only “war is over” was written on it.  Now, activists have continued to graffiti the wall in their campaign for world piece.  Now, I can not only check off seeing the John Lennon Wall off my bucket list but also signing it!  After seeing the wall I went to a traditional Czech lunch with my friends.  This meal was comprised off the traditional courses and, of course, a huge mug of beer.  The food in Prague is absolutely incredible.  My personal favorite was the beef and cream dish we were served that came with these amazing biscuits and cranberry sauce.  For dessert, we were served their version of apple pie which tasted heavenly.

In order to get the best view of the whole city, I ventured up to the castle.  If you walk around the gardens of the castle you’ll find countless spots that are perfect for a photo-op and a chance to sit down and marvel over the city.  After taking our time touring the grounds, my friends and I found a quaint little Starbucks just outside of the castle.  This Starbucks was literally inside of the hill and was built with the view in mind.  You enter through the rooftop seating area and go down into the cozy coffee shop.  Inside the coffee shop is numerous nooks with seating and a cute little window that offers and incredible view of the Prague skyline.  They also had a huge map of the world where you can place a pin for where you’re from!

Though it was still September when I was there and technically summer, it was very very chilly outside.  This did give me a chance to show off all of my favorite fall pieces though!  To stay warm, I went with light layers.  The first day wasn’t too cold out so I wore a cream colored short sleeve sweater from Madewell.  I paired the sweater with my go-to Madewell high waisted jeans, my J.Crew field jacket, and black Chelsea boots (from Madewell of course).  To finish off the look I wore my new favorite accessory: neckties!  My second day in Prague was much colder.  I wore a semi-off the shoulder long sleeve black tee from Brandy Melville.  To stay warm, I wore the same J.Crew jacket and topped it off with a cream colored blanket scarf.  I absolutely love blanket scarves for the colder weather because of how cozy they are.  Since I had to pack very lightly for this trip, I wore the same high waisted jeans black Chelsea boots.

I’d like to finish off this post by giving a huge shoutout to Bus2Alps who made this whole trip possible.  Bus2Alps is a company that offers amazing weekend trips for college students studying abroad.  Every aspect of the trip is created with college students in mind which is absolutely amazing.  I couldn’t be happier with my experience abroad thanks to this amazing company.  If you’re a student studying abroad in Italy I highly recommend planning your trips with Bus2Alps.

That’s all for today’s post!  The Czech Republic was only one of two countries I visited last weekend so make sure to subscribe with your email and follow me on instagram @jessmiele to be notified when my second blog post from my trip is posted!  I won’t be traveling outside of Italy until my fall break so most of my content will be fashion and lifestyle related again.  I will, however, be going on numerous trips around Italy so stay tuned for those posts!




  1. September 20, 2017 / 3:06 pm

    Prague looks so beautiful! Our mom’s whole family is from the Czech Republic, and we are hoping to plan a trip there next year! Loved looking through your photos! 🙂
    -Ash & Shelbs xx

  2. September 21, 2017 / 8:45 pm

    This was such a great post! I need to learn how to add the pintrest button to my blog! Also love the Jcrew jacket! It’s a classic!

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