Happy Oktoberfest!!  Last weekend was the kickoff of Oktoberfest 2017 and I was lucky enough to be able to attend for one day.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t take too many pictures because I was very sick, but I’ve decided to share the ones where I look semi-healthy (haha!).  Oktoberfest was definitely the coolest and most unique experience of my life so far.  The energy that everyone attending the festival had was absolutely amazing and made you want to have just as much fun as them.  Everywhere you go in Oktoberfest you’ll find amazing food, fun rides, and, of course, incredible beer.  Though I’m not much of a beer fan myself, I have to admit the beer at Oktoberfest lived up to its reputation.  Being able to celebrate such an integral part of German culture was incredible.  Seeing how proud all of the locals were over their beer and traditional food was truly amazing and made the whole experience so much better.

Of course, one can’t go to Oktoberfest without wearing a traditional German dirndl or lederhosen!  My friends and I purchased our dirndls in a small boutique in the center of Munich and quickly changed before attending the festival.  Though it was cloudy and 50 degrees the day we went (and we were all absolutely freezing) I am so happy we decided to buy the dirndls and matching flower crowns.  Virtually everyone at Oktoberfest was wearing the traditional German outfits so we fit right in.  (Fun fact: every single waiter, security guard, or ride operator I encountered thought I was actually from Germany so they all spoke to me in German at first!)  My personal favorite part about Oktoberfest was the food.  After seeing how huge the pretzels were (literally bigger than my head!) I had to try one.  Despite the fact that it was literally the best pretzel I’ve ever had, I couldn’t finish it…it was just so big!  Another favorite food of mine from the festival were the nuts they had for sale.  I tried the sugar coated hazelnuts and boy were they delicious.  I’m usually not a huge fan of hazelnut, I don’t even like Nutella.  But the sugar coating kind of toned down the hazelnut flavor and I ended up loving them.

I’d like to shout out Bus2Alps again for giving me the opportunity to experience Oktoberfest.  If you’re studying abroad in Florence I highly recommend traveling with Bus2Alps.  Every second of my trip was absolutely incredible and I couldn’t be happier with the turnout!  This is my last post outside of Italy for the next few weeks.  I have done quite a bit of traveling around Italy these past couple days and I will be traveling the next two weekends within Italy so check back in for those posts!  You can subscribe my blog with your email for notifications or follow me on instagram @jessmiele to see when I add new posts!

Auf Wiedersehen!


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