Falling For Amsterdam

Falling For Amsterdam

                               I have officially found my paradise: Amsterdam.  The second I stepped foot into this beautiful city I fell in love (and then proceeded to call my parents and tell them that I’m dropping out of college and moving to Amsterdam).  Out of all of the cities I have traveled to, Amsterdam has been my absolute favorite.  I’m pretty much counting down the days until I can go back to there.

If you’re a young person traveling around Europe I highly recommend staying in hostels.  There are a ton of very nice, highly rated hostels in each major city in Europe.  In Amsterdam, I stayed at the Flying Pig Uptown Hostel, which is part of the St. Christopher’s Hostels.  This hostel was pretty much your definition of college student hostel.  It was very funky, had a full bar downstairs, and everyone who worked there was in their 20s.  The vibe of this hostel was absolutely awesome and definitely added to the Amsterdam experience.  Plus, the hostel is conveniently located just a five minute walk away from the infamous I Amsterdam sign and the Van Gough museum.  It’s also no more than a ten minute trolley ride away from Dam Square, which is the tourist heart of the city.

I think one of the best ways to see Amsterdam is to get lost in the city.  There are so many beautiful canals and streets all throughout the city that you might miss if you only do a walking tour.  While I highly recommend doing a walking tour of the city so you can learn about the history of Amsterdam, which is very interesting, I recommend taking the time to wander around and get lost.  I did this and I got a ton of amazing photos out of it!  One walking tour I highly recommend is the SANDEMANs tour of the Red Light District.  The Red Light District is infamous for its sex workers, and this tour gives you an in-depth history of sex work in the Netherlands that is not only highly informative but also eye-opening.  My tour guide was not biased whatsoever and he truly did leave us to form our own opinions of sex work.  He made sure to answer any questions we had about the sex work in Amsterdam and also pointed out all the historical landmarks and symbols in the district.  It was definitely my favorite part of the trip because it was so informative and extremely interesting.

If you’re a fan of art then you should definitely take the time to wander around the Van Gough Museum.  Another great musuem in Amsterdam, if you’re into beer, is the Heineken Museum located in the former Heineken factory.  There’s also a ton of different sex museums in the Red Light District that show the history of sex work in Amsterdam.  Another great thing to do in Amsterdam is a canal cruise.  You can find information for canal cruises all of the city.  Some are an hour long, which is what I did, and others are a “hop-on hop-off” canal cruise.  It’s a great way to see the city from a different perspective and they’re also perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sights.

Amsterdam is such a magical, beautiful city.  I absolutely loved every second I spent there and I cannot wait to go back.  Thanks for reading today’s post and be sure to check back in for my next post about my trip to Belgium!




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  1. November 14, 2017 / 1:29 pm

    Such gorgeous photos! Amsterdam’s at the top of my travel list. Thanks for sharing!

    Nichole // thedailypursuit.com

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