Brussels, Belgium: Travel Diary

Brussels, Belgium: Travel Diary


Out of all the places I’ve been to so far, I’d say Brussels definitely had the best food (sorry Italy!).  I only got to spend one day in Belgium, and I basically spent the whole day eating!  I mean, you can’t go to Belgium without eating waffles, chocolate, fries, stew, and so many other amazing foods.

I stayed at the Sleep Well Youth Hostel in the city-center.  Since Brussels isn’t one of the major overnight trips for study abroad students, our hostel was pretty quiet.  Out of all the hostels I’ve stayed at though, Sleep Well is probably my favorite.  It pretty much looks like a hotel except your room has bunk beds and it may not be just you and your friends staying in it.  Sleep Well offers a free tour of the city-center, which my friends and I took advantage of.  I definitely recommend doing a guided tour of Brussels.  There’s a ton of history to the city that you wouldn’t know without going on a tour.  It’s also a great way to see all of the city instead of simply spending your day in the main square.

If you like chocolate then you should definitely stop by the Chocolate Gallery.  It’s basically a long enclosed shopping strip but instead of being different clothing stores it’s almost all chocolate shops.  There you can literally find the best truffle in the world!  Another food you must try is Belgian style fries.  The one I tried came with a truffle sauce which was to die for.  Of course, its not a true trip to Belgium without eating a Belgian waffle!  I got one with Nutella and strawberries on it (which was definitely the best thing I’ve ever eaten!!).  Traditional Belgian waffles are actually served plain, but that’s no fun.  I definitely recommend getting a waffle with Nutella on it because it tastes like literal heaven.

That’s all for my day in Brussels!  Like I said, I literally spent the whole day eating!  Make sure to subscribe to my blog and follow my Instagram account @jessmiele for post notifications!




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