Bonjour Paris!

Bonjour Paris!


Whoever said Paris in the spring was the most beautiful sight clearly has never been to Paris during autumn.  This was the third stop on my fall break vacation around Europe and it was probably one of my favorite trips I’ve done this semester.  I’ve been to Paris before and had already done most of the things my friends and I planned, but being able to tour Paris with three of my best friends was absolutely amazing.  We definitely had the time of our lives and made the most out of three short days.

On our first day we hit all of the major sights.  While Paris has numerous main tourist spots, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arch de Triumphe, the city is not very walkable at all.  In the morning, we took a taxi over to the Eiffel Tower.  We took the elevator to the top and of course took a ton of photos on the platform in front of the tower.  Unfortunately, since we went first thing in the morning it was very foggy outside so we didn’t get much of a view from the very top of the tower.  After we saw the Eiffel Tower, we went over to the Arch de Triumphe and went shopping on the Champs Elysse.  Then we lived out our childhood dreams of having a tea party at Ladurée.  We shared different cakes and macaroons and my friends sipped on tea while I enjoyed a cappuccino (I’m a hardcore coffee girl).

Our second day in Paris was spent at Versailles.  I highly recommend going in the morning because there isn’t as many people walking around.  We went through the palace first and stopped for a quick hot chocolate at the cafe inside.  If you’re over the age of 24 I recommend renting a golf cart to get around the gardens because the area is huge.  We weren’t able to make it through the whole garden because we were crunched on time, but if you have the time for it you should absolutely do it.  The gardens are truly breathtaking and it’s very peaceful walking through them.  It really does make you feel like royalty!

Our third day in Paris was hands down my favorite day.  The morning was super foggy and muggy out so we headed over to Notre Dam.  The church is absolutely stunning and if you go first thing in the morning there is barely anyone inside of it.  After Notre Dam we went over to the Louvre.  Since we didn’t have all day to explore the museum, we were only able to walk around a little bit before heading over to see everyone’s favorite attraction: the Mona Lisa.  The Mona Lisa is a very beautiful painting in person, but it is also very difficult to get a good look at it because of the glass wall in front of it.  The painting is also very small and you’re only allowed to stand behind a bar that is about five or six feet from the painting.

The best part of the day was after the Louvre.  We walked back over to the Eiffel Tower for a picnic on the lawn.  We bought baguettes, rosé, champagne, and macaroons and sat in front of the tower.  Picnicking in front of the Eiffel Tower was so so so much fun.  We took about a thousand pictures, popped numerous bottles of champagne, and just soaked up the surreal moment.  The sun also came out during our picnic so it was absolutely gorgeous outside, definitely a picture perfect way to end our trip to Paris!

That’s all for today’s blog post!  My final stop for my fall break trip was Barcelona so check back on my Instagram @jessmiele or subscribe to my blog with your email for a notification when that post goes up!



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