Fall Uniform: Cozy Sweaters and Neck Ties

Fall Uniform: Cozy Sweaters and Neck Ties


Yay for fashion posts!!  It’s been a long time since my last fashion post since I’ve been traveling so much!  I’ve had every weekend booked since the beginning of October so it’s been pretty hard mixing up my content lately.  But don’t you fret, I promise I’ll be putting up more fashion posts soon!  Also, I’d like to give a huge shoutout to my friend Matt for helping me shoot this blog post!  Matt is a super talented fashion and lifestyle photographer here with me in Florence.  If you’d like to check out his ~amazing~ photos follow his Instagram @matt_mitera.

Today I’m sharing with you one of my go-to fall looks: cozy sweaters and neck ties.  As you’ve definitely seen in my previous posts and on my Instagram feed (help me reach 3k!! @jessmiele), I am completely obsessed with neck ties.  They’re pretty much my all time favorite accessory.  I tie them around my neck, bags, and use them as headbands for when I’m too lazy to wash my hair.  You all have seen this gold neck tie from Madewell in my previous posts (here and here).  Lately, I’ve been obsessing over the color yellow so this neck tie perfectly fits my aesthetic right now.  I love how bright and fun it is!  My sweater is an oversized sweater from J.Crew that I picked up a while back (similar here).  Fun back story on this sweater, my mom and I were shopping together and we both picked out this sweater.  We ended up loving it so much that we both got it in every single color!!!  It’s super soft and the circle neckline is a classic style.  I have it in grey, green, and maroon.  I paired the look with my favorite boyfriend jeans from Madewell.  I love how relaxed boyfriend jeans are.  On those days where I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to be uncomfortable in a pair of tight skinny jeans, I always reach for these bad boys.  They’re not too loose so they’re still very flattering.  My navy blue loafers are from J.Crew Factory.  Loafers are one of my current shoe obsessions.  I love how casual yet classy they are and they’re great to just slide on if you’re going to be out and about during the day.

That’s all for today’s post!  Sadly, I only have three week left here in Florence):  I still have two more trips planned (one of them ~super~ festive for Christmas!!) so look forward to my final travel posts for the semester!!  Also, if you haven’t already followed me on Instagram @jessmiele you can click here!  I’m so close to 3k followers so I’d love to hit it by the end of the month!  I have a ton of exciting collaborations planned for my last few weeks here in Florence so be sure to check back in soon!



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