Spring Break with Miraval!

Spring Break with Miraval!


Happy almost spring!!!  Words cannot explain how sick of winter I am.  With the endless amount snow that keep hitting us here in New England, being able to get away from the subzero temperatures for a week was literally the greatest feeling ever.  I spent my spring break down in Tucson, Arizona with Miraval Resort & Spa focusing on wellness, doing lots of yoga, and getting a lovely sunburn on my back (scroll down to get a sneak peak of my hideous tan-lines!!) by the pool.  Miraval is an adults-only wellness spa and it’s pretty much heaven on earth.  There is a no cellphone policy in certain areas of the resort so it is a very peaceful, stress-free environment.  They have a spa, multiple pools and hot tubs, a gym, challenge courses, horseback riding, hiking, biking, and so many more activities!

On my first day at Miraval I had the Abhyanga massage.  Basically, a mousses (with the hands of angel) rubbed herb-infused oils into my skin.  This type of massage isn’t like a deep tissue massage where the mousses is trying to remove all the knots out of your body.  In the Abhyanga massage, the purpose is to restore reduce muscle tension, relieve joint pain, and eliminate impurities from the body.  Since I had been traveling all morning and only had the massage planned for the afternoon, I spent the day in workout clothes.  Both my white long sleeve shirt and pink leggings are from Lululemon.

On my second day, I spent the morning relaxing by pool.  Compared to back home, it felt like 1,000 degrees in Tucson (but really it was like 70 degrees).  I took advantage of this and decided to tan for a bit.  With my luck of course, I fell asleep in my string-tie bathing suit (top, bottom) and ended up getting a lovely infinity sign sunburn-line on my back!!  After I was sufficiently crispy and red, I got the Hot Stone and Honey manicure and pedicure in the spa which was very much needed for my ugly fingernails and toes.

The outfit I wore on my third day is hands down my favorite from the whole trip.  As you have already noticed, my favorite color is yellow.  I have been waiting months to break out this soft yellow blouse from Free People!  I paired it with my favorite embroidered jeans, also from Free People.  And since I already was dressed up in all Free People, I decided to just be a walking Free People mannequin and wear my Royale flats from Free People too!  (I really need to expand my wardrobe haha!)  This outfit was so fun and summery and now I’m very bummed out that it’s about fifty degrees too cold for this outfit back at home.

My second favorite outfit from my trip was this red embroidered dress from, you guessed it, Free People!  Their spring line is my favorite out of all my go-to stores right now!  The color of this dress is a lot more true-red in person but the mix of the bright lighting and my warm presets make it look more pink-red.  I bought this dress to specifically pair with my Royale flats, I love the way the soft brown pairs with the red.  What’s great about this dress is that it has an under-layer to it so it’s great for those chillier spring nights.

That’s all for this blog post!  I stayed at Miraval for about a week bought only shot pictures a few days out of my time there because I didn’t want to disrupt the zen of the other guests/I wanted to take advantage of my time there.  I want to give a huge thank you to Miraval for having me and making my spring break the most memorable and relaxing one yet!  You can check out their website here if you’re interested in staying with them (totally recommend it for a mom-daughter trip, that’s what I did!).




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