Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach


Guess who’s back!  I took some time off for a fun vacation (as you can see here) and to get settled at my new summer internship!  I will be spending the summer in Connecticut working as the photography intern for Vineyard Vines!!  But anyways, here I am back and better than ever and ready to share some amazing content with you all.  In the next couple months I plan on switching things up a bit and really upgrading my blog overall.  So be sure to keep up with me on all my summer excursions to see what I have in store.

As for my most recent adventure, I headed out west to Portland, Oregon for Memorial Day Weekend.  A fellow photographer/friend of mine came with me and we spent the weekend exploring all that Portland has to offer.  My favorite spot was hands down Cannon Beach.  If you couldn’t already tell by where 9 out of 10 of my posts are shot, I love the beach.  What’s cool about Cannon Beach (especially if you’re from the east coast) is that it’s not a beach where you would go to just tan and swim.  It’s definitely a lot colder on the coast and the waves are extremely rough.  But the beach is absolutely gorgeous.  The iconic Haystack Rock is ginormous–I mean just LOOK at that photo of me in front of it!! I’m so small!!!  The location is just too gorgeous to miss out on.

Cannon Beach is about an hour and a half outside of Portland.  To get there, my friend and I just rented a car for the evening.  The ride to Cannon Beach is pretty much on the same highway the whole time, which turns into less of a highway and more of a no street light 50 MPH death trap about halfway through.  Oh, and the best part? It’s one lane for most of the way so you can’t pass that guy going 20 MPH constantly hitting his brakes for no reason.  But if you take the drive during the day it’s pretty easy and the views from the road are so beautiful.  You really get that Oregon woodsy feel.  There’s a couple spots along the way with great lookout points too if you’re really into that classic nature photography.

Another short and sweet post!  My next Portland post will be up later this week, and then on to the new content!  Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to my Instagram @jessmiele to keep up with my life!





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