Gingham & Blues: A Swimsuit Guide

Gingham & Blues: A Swimsuit Guide

One of the hardest things to shop for, in my opinion, is swimsuits.  Finding something that is the perfect balance of conservative and sexy (Kyle likes to call it “designed for the in-laws, made by the boyfriend”) is so difficult.  Nowadays there are countless small swimsuit boutiques that you can find via Instagram, but in my own opinion all of those boutiques are a little too raunchy for me.  Now I’m no ultra conservative straight edge, but I do prefer my butt-cheeck to stay in my bathing suit while I’m trying to relax on the beach.  Another rough spot that you have to work around while buying swimsuits is tan lines–I want my bathing suit to be trendy but I don’t want a giant hole in my one-piece where my stomach is (no need to recreate the classic donut shape on my body for the summer).  While I’ve had my fair share of trendy and tiny bikinis, I thought it was about time that I toned down the skin and found something I could wear in front of my boyfriend’s elementary school sisters.  And thus, I have created a swimsuit guide of four of my favorite new suits for all of you out there who are trying to get your sunburnt caramel skin on while trying to be classy in front of the in-laws (and don’t kill me…but they’re all blue!).

Swimsuit No. 1   The classic runched back one-piece that your mom bought you for your first boy-girl pool party in the fifth grade is back in style!  Who would’ve thought that the swimsuit we once dreaded wearing and tried to ruin in the wash so we could throw it out would be something we would kill to get our hands on.  I picked up this classic one piece at J. Crew, which is my current favorite place to get swimsuits at.

Swimsuit No. 2   A classic bikini never goes out of style.  I’m really feeling the blues on me right now so I picked this J. Crew bikini up in a timeless navy shade, but they have so many colors to choose from right now!

Swimsuit No. 3   Let’s take a brief break from all the J. Crew talk and talk about this super cute Vineyard Vines high waisted bikini!  I have an obsession with gingham and I have been staring at the sample we have at HQ of this swimsuit for weeks now, so I just had to get it.  It is SO COMFORTABLE!!  I’m obsessed with it if you couldn’t already tell.  I used to not be a big fan of our bathing suits, but they’ve gotten a lot trendy and a little less country club conservative this season so I’ve been hopping on the bandwagon.

Swimsuit No. 4   The last swimsuit is from, you guessed it, J. Crew!  And it’s not only blue but also  gingham!  What a perfect combination!  I like the material on this bathing suit because it’s not totally spandex, it has a sort of seersucker material feel to it which is very fun.  I’m all for one piece suits right now so I grabbed this the second I saw it on the rack at J. Crew.

Hope you all enjoyed today’s post!  Don’t forget to check back in here and on my Instagram @JessMiele for more fun summer content!  Until next time!




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