Summer Daisy Jumpsuits

Summer Daisy Jumpsuits


I love love love wearing jumpsuits in the summer, it’s the a great balance between casual and formal.  They’re also super convenient for when it’s chilly out but you don’t want to wear a sweater and pants.  However, I’m super picky about my jumpsuits.  I prefer for them to be loose and flowy–sort of similar to a maxi dress.  Today, I’m bringing back some 70’s wide leg vibes with this fun and slowly cut out jumpsuit.  As you already know, Madewell is one of my all time favorite stores, I am beyond obsessed with everything they sell.  So, naturally, this whole post is featuring Madewell pieces!  You’re welcome(;

When I saw this jumpsuit online I immediately became obsessed (link here, it’s on sale!!).  Then I saw like four different girls wearing it on my Instagram feed so I knew it was the fashion gods sending me a sign saying I needed to buy it.  It’s a mossy green color with white daisies all over it, how cute!!  My favorite part about the jumpsuit is the tie front, I’ve never seen anything like it on a jumpsuit!  The shape is also super flattering, it give you that legs for days kinda look.  As for my shoes, I wore my lace up sandals (that I desperately need a new pair of because the strings are literally falling apart from 1,000 times of wearing them).  I liked the nice light earthy brown paired with the moss green.

Hope you enjoyed today’s OOTD!  Check back in soon for more summer posts(:



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