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I personally hate dressing up in the winter.  I am always freezing cold, sick, and honestly too lazy to be bothered with finding something trendy and cute.  Also, I feel like winter fashion isn’t always practical for winter.  Sweater dresses may be super cute but when it’s below freezing out and my legs are paler than white paint I’d prefer to wear pants.  However, it’s tough always wearing sweaters, jeans, and booties everyday.  I don’t want to wear the same thing all the time,  but I also don’t want to wear workout clothes or a sweatshirt and look like I’ve just rolled out of bed. I’m a big fan of neutrals in the winter, I prefer my summer wardrobe to be filled with bright colors and my winter wardrobe to be filled with monotones.  So, I’ve thrown together a typical winter daytime outfit to give you gals some inspiration as to how you can both be comfy and cute.

Madewell is pretty much my home base when it comes to shopping, so don’t kill me when I tell you that pretty much everything I’m wearing is from there.  I’ll link similar pieces down below though.  As I said, I’m not one for color in the winter, so when I found this neutral “purple” sweater at Madewell the other day I immediately grabbed it.  From afar it appears grey, but upon closer look you can see the specks of purple in there.  For jeans, I wore my classic 10-inch high rise jeans that I own maybe five pairs of (one for every week day!).  They’re extremely comfortable and they’re perfect for casual wear.  I’m one for matching, so I decided to wear my English Saddle booties and coordinate it with my English Saddle tote.  Because it’s about two degrees in Boston, I’ve been living in my grey sweater coat.  It feels like I’m wearing an extra large blanket and I am obsessed.

That’s a wrap!  Hope you enjoyed and be sure to check back in here and on my Instagram @jessmiele for more!



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